2013’s Big Reveal!

It’s with a tinge of sadness that I reveal who wrote which Secret Santa fics, mostly because it means that this little project is over until next year. I’ve updated the list of stories with the authors [here] and would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took part in the fic swap this year. I’d also like to ask that all participants contact the writer of their gift fic to thank them.

Participants are now more than welcome to post the fics they wrote on their own profiles/blogs (and also more than welcome to urge their readers to follow this blog so they don’t miss out in 2014). Once again, the feedback from participants I’ve received has been positive and I fully expect to run the fic swap again next year.

I hope all Sookie’s Secret Santa fans had fun celebrations of the season and wish all of you the best of luck for the coming New Year.

SlĂ inte mhath!

Jan xx


Merry Christmas Everyone!

‘Twas the night before Christmas
and all through the blog
not a creature was stirring
not even Callisto’s Hog

Because all of the gift fics are now posted [here], I’ll be posting a list of all of the wonderful authors who took part and who they wrote for on Boxing Day (26th). I hope everyone enjoys reading them – especially the people they were written for. A joyful Yule to all!

Santa’s Little Helper has a bag full of joy!

It’s that time of year – the gift fics are in and it’s time for me to start giving them out to all of the lovely fic writers who have taken part in this year’s Secret Santa Swap. I’ll be posting them each night, one or two a night, in the run up to Christmas – don’t panic if you don’t get your ‘gift’ right away, everyone will receive a story before Christmas Eve!

All the stories will be listed >here< so check every day for new uploads 🙂

Santa Hat Closed.

The Santa Hat has closed and I’ll no longer be accepting names to take part in the fic exchange. Everyone  who signed up to take part will find out who they will be secret Santa for next weekend, I’ll post a list of participants after all the names have been given out so you can have fun guessing who might be writing for who!

The 2013 Santa Hat is Open!

What could bring more Yuletide joy than the gift of writing a fanfic especially for someone or receiving a fic written just for you?

Sookie’s Secret Santa wants to bring that joy to the SVM/Trueblood fandom for the third year running!

How does it work?

Our sign up form will stay open until Sunday 3rd November 9pm GMT – Just fill out all of the details and sit back until Sunday 10th November when you will be given the name of the person they you be secret Santa for.

It might be someone you’re familiar with; it might be someone you’ve never heard of. I try to ensure that everyone is comfortable writing a story for the other person e.g. If someone prefers to write Sookie/Bill pairings they will not be required to write for a Sookie/Eric shipper or if someone dislikes BDSM they will not have to write for someone who wants their story to have that in it.

There is no minimum or maximum word limit. All we ask for is a one-shot fic for the person they are secret Santa for and that their specifications are taken into account when writing it. Although the Festive Season is the reason for this fic swap, fics don’t have to be about Christmas and all gift fics will be anonymous. A list of participants will be posted here so you can all have fun guessing who might be writing for who!

Those taking part should send me their fic to jan_of_arc@random-fandom.net before Sunday 15th December 9pm GMT and I will post it here. I aim to have all gift fics posted before Christmas Eve – so if want to take part PLEASE only sign up if you can commit to getting a fic to me on time. Also make sure you follow this blog (enter your email address in the box on the right hand side of the page) so you know when I post news about SSS.

This is not a contest; there is no prize or kudos other than the wonderful feeling that someone wrote a fic just for you! Unfortunately, I do have to restrict participation to over 18’s only. There will be no judging process and gift fics do not have to be beta’d, if you want to use one that’s cool, if you don’t then that’s cool too – this is purely for fun and giving everyone in the fandom the chance to give and receive the very thing we are all here for.

I ask that everyone keeps to the spirit of the Secret Santa theme and keeps who they are secret Santa for to themselves because all will be revealed on Boxing Day (26th December). Once the list of who was secret Santa for who has been posted, everyone is very welcome to post their fics on their own profiles or blogs and, more importantly, to thank the person who wrote them their fic.

Any questions regarding the fic swap can be sent to jan_of_arc@random-fandom.net

The Big Reveal!

*drumroll* Here are all the 2012 Sookie’s Secret Santa gift fics – complete with writers revealed!

Saving Sookie – A Gift Fic for BoraOlldashi – was written by EricFancier
A Night to Remember – A Gift Fic for Abbey 245 – was written by Cutiekins
Stop. Rewind. – A Gift Fic for FaeBloodVampWolf – was written by GabrielleBlue
Dear Sookie – A Gift Fic for Moxiemo – was written by Chicpea
Merry Christmas – A Gift Fic for GabrielleBlue – was written by Muses-InspireMe-Daily
Open Up Your Eyes – A Gift Fic for AshenSunset – was written by FangbangerLayla
Merry Almost Christmas – A Gift Fic for Penpractice – was written by Kelpie
Merry December – A Gift Fic for Ooshka – was written by FaeBloodVampWolf
A Very SVM Christmas Carol – A Gift Fic for FangbangerLayla – was written by Ashensunset
A Southern Fried Christmas – A Gift Fic for Cutiekins – was written by Ooshka
A Saturnalia Solstice – A Gift Fic for Muses-InspireMe-Daily – was written by Penpractice
A Christmas Adventure – A Gift Fic for FiniteAnarchy – was written by Abbey245
O, Holy Night – A Gift Fic for Kelpie – was written by BoraOlldashi
Nativity de Sookie: Able in the Stable – A Gift Fic for Chicpea and
Trueblood Warming by the Open Fire – A Gift Fic for EricFancier – were written by SSS host*.

We hope everyone enjoyed taking part in Sookie’s Secret Santa 2012! All secret Santas are now welcome to post their stories on their own profiles/blogs and gift fic recipients are encouraged to contact their secret Santa to thank them for their gift.

*sometimes life gets in the way and we hosts need to step into other people’s shoes at the last minute.